Main features

The main features of My CRM application are – tasks, locations, people, activities and notes. So, let’s take a glance at them.


All your task can be placed in the application. For example, Car wash on Lexington street, Help with painting in brother’s office, Pick up Ann’s present, etc.

You can add any task here. To view tasks in calendar press Calendar button on the top.

Features – Task 2
Features – Tasks 1

Task card may be simple or complicated with number of subtasks. You can easily mark and clear subtasks and complete the task by pressing one green button.

Task card with subtasks

You can add due date and duration to your task if you wish, and set a reminder.


Locations may be very different, so, you can add your places, clients, buildings, markets, projects, websites, things, and even cars as your locations 🙂 Here is an example of locations list.

Features – Locations 2
Features – Locations 1

You can track your expenses and profit for each location and get the detailed report later. You can also link people and tasks to your locations. Press the Map button on the top to view your locations on the map.


Here is a list of people you know or work with. You can add any person to the list and then link that person with tasks, locations, notes, and activities.

People list

To call the person or send an email just swipe from right to left and select Call or Email button.


You can record any of your activities with people in locations such as the visit to the client, make a call, meetings, group classes, complete paid job, errands and so on. This is your activities list.

Activity card

Your activity might be planned, be in progress, and completed.


You can add any notes about everything. Some notes may be linked to locations, people or activities. Other notes may be simple and not linked at all. This en example of notes list.

You can find your notes from the task, location, people or activity cards or get all your notes from one list.

Search and history

We added to My CRM app full-text search. So, you can easily find all your staff by 1-2-3 symbols right from the main screen.

Full text search

On the bottom line on the app, you can press the History button to get last tasks, locations, persons, activities or notes.

Quick history

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