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myCRM app can help you track and manage different activities from simple to-do lists to important projects.

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This app lets you plan and schedule your tasks, manage different locations, communicate with people, and record various activities. You can also use it as a personal CRM.

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Good news — you can easily link all three things — tasks, people and locations in one app to get the best result one can get.

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Locations in the app may be very different. You can add your places, clients, projects, buildings, markets, trips, and things as the Location. Then you can link the Location with people and tasks. You can also track expenses and revenue for each Location.

To track your calls, meetings, work, showing and any other activities with people in a selected location you can create Activity record in the app.

All entered data will be carefully saved in My CRM app that let you get reports and statistics form the app with one finger tap.

In all your tasks you can set start and due dates, and view all tasks in the calendar. So, you can use this app as a scheduler. You can also use My CRM app as a note-taking app to write notes for locations, people, tasks, and activities.

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